Dragon Vale Android Cheats: – Hidden Codes In Games

The generation is experiencing a new world of games and technology. The android version is becoming very popular among teenagers and today’s youth. These games are designed in high definition system. For every game on internet and mobiles there are codes which are used to crack levels, bring new stages and its fun. These codes are known as cheat codes. Go here for further learning http://www.mctl.ca/

Here we are discussing about Dragon vale android cheats, how to use them and what are they? a cheat code is a button combination or we can say a password which targets an affect in a game levels. Increasing health by eating fruits, getting weapons by opening boxes, adding ammunition to a gun and many more exciting things are called as cheats in a game. After completing certain stage, check points are achieved, incase a player lose his complete set of lives in a game then he will start from the stage where he achieved that check point.

The first among dragon vale android cheats is how to get a bone dragon? It is achieved by a player by breeding a level 10th Earth dragon with level 10 fire dragons, in the same way the bone dragon can be achieved even by level 4 trees and 4 lava. Another dragon vale android cheats are dragons, how to breed rainbow dragon egg, how to breed moon dragon, fast money making and many more. Cheat codes are inbuilt passwords which crack the level or gives more life to a player.